High quality, along with superior design, are the main advantages of our production. Each of our products is accompanied by a warranty card with a unique identification number guaranteeing its quality and origin. The company has ISO 9001, FSC mix, BSCI quality certificates.


The frame holds the upholstered furniture. Frames are mostly made of wood. That’s why our sofas are made from solid hardwoods, such as beech and pine. Wood composites (chipboard, plywood) are used only for non-load-bearing structures.


Various types of foam are placed on the spring base in several layers. Each foam has its own character. They differ mainly in their density and hardness. This makes it possible to create different types of comfort and softness. Firmness and elasticity depend on the density – the higher the density, the better the foam. They can be used cut to shape. Cutting the necessary shapes from large blocks of foam is also a standard task.


Upholstering the sofa is the last step. The fabric is precisely cut by cnc machines and sewn together. The stitching technique varies depending on the model. The seams are precise and straight not only to make the sofa look good but also to make it more durable . This step requires experience, knowledge and a steady hand. The fabric or leather cover is placed over the finished sofa and is precisely upholstered by our long-term workers.

Constant quality control monitors every piece of material covering the furniture.
Constant quality control before every step of the production cycle.


Carved details on models with external decorative elements are polished by hand, according to old world technology.


Constant quality control monitors every piece of material covering the furniture.

Wide range

The rich selection of colors and polishes give the furniture a luxurious shine and elegance.


Each order is assigned to a group of workers to ensure extremely high quality and reliability of the furniture.